"Customised, Unique and Innovative website design and development"
Com2go Group is one of the largest digital agencies in Cyprus established in 1999. Our experience and innovative solutions ensure that your digital business will be ahead of the competition. Our expertise allows our customers to gain control of their digital business and produce measurable results. Simply put, we turn your online challenges into successes. We are involved in undertaking projects for partners such as the European Union, commercial, financial and Manufacturing institutions based all over Europe. Furthermore we are involved in the development of proprietary tools and utilities, which will be launched as stand alone products.

Com2go is a market leader in the area of digital marketing and social media. Through our association with world wide leaders in the area of web marketing and social media we established web monitoring tools that measure the true effectiveness of digital media and are in a unique position to plan your digital media campaign with accuracy at the best value for money. Our expertise and experience will help you develop state of the art digital interactive media (banners, games, social media interactive tools etc) at attractive prices. In the field of Social media our team of experts can help you develop and manage your unique Social Media strategy, develop and deply interactive games or competitions specifically developed with social media engagement in mind.

Our highly efficient sales and technical team will assist you in ways you never thought possible. No technical talk and sales mumbo jumbo - just facts, case studies and rock-solid references in plain English. You be the judge if we are the right company to take partner with.

We collaborate. We educate. We listen.We partner with our clients and seamlessly integrate with their organization to bring forth the best possible solution.

Since we were established, we have worked with numerous companies, local and international, of various sizes and ages representing a multitude of industries. Our approach seeks to articulate the strategy and business objectives of each client's venture. Once these elements are defined and the goals shared, we work to embody these principles in a visual identity system that enhances and propels your enterprise and its products.

Today, companies need to stand out. Industry requires an identity. Once a company develops a successful identity it will be recognized and remembered. To make it happen in a spirited economy with intense brand competition, companies need to listen to what people are looking for and react. com2go is not afraid to think big. When a client begins a project with us it is like taking a methodological journey - we begin with a completely open mind and consider every option within our grasp.

If you can dream it, we can build it!!!

Our goal on every project we undertake is to develop the solution of your dreams, and sometimes add to it too! We utilize a unique blend of rigorous and objective analysis, best practice and intense client involvement, all with an emphasis on achieving measurable results. We remain accountable for our work, often working with clients throughout implementation and always building client capability for sustainable growth.

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